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Welcome to the Wed-winking of Isis and Salem

Welcome to the gifts room, here mew will see all the sweet gifts furrom our furry special furriends and family!

From Silver Myst, Lia and Sassy
Awww our furrst gift, wasn't that sweet. Thanks Lia, Silver Myst and Sassy!!

From Chaos and Luv
This was furrom Luverboy and Chaos, Salem's brofurs! Thanks mew guys!

The Colleti Crew
Thanks, to Troubie and Family!

Thanks Penny!

Meezer Kats
Thanks Tigger, Ping, Ling, Milo, Lily, Chyna, Skye and Destiny

Uncle Midnight
Thanks Uncle Mid!

Uncle Charlie
Thanks Uncle Charlie!

Ahhhh. . . look what Uncle Mid made fur us. Isn't it sweet?

And Uncle Charlie made us this Sparkle Plate.

Thanks Calvin & Sabrina

Look what Calvin & Sabrina sent us! Fanks mew two!

Thanks Boogie

Thanks Boogie!

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Song is "I Will Always Love You"

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