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Welcome to the Wed-winking of Isis and Salem

Welcome to the reception of Isis and Salem's Wed-winking. Here mew will find all the guests that attended our wed-winking. For easy navigation, click on the links near the bottem.

BabooLittle Foot
Baboo:How exciting! I can't wait till Kee Kee and Mimi's wed-winking!
Little Foot: I just luff wed-winkings!

Mr BojanglesBambi
Mr Bojangles:Mew look wonderpurr Bambi!
Bambi: Mew look handsome in mewr tuxedo, too!

Destiny: Oh this is a wonderfurr day, this is my furrst wed-winking!
Kobi: This is my furrst wed-winking too!!

Ling Anastasia
Ling: Meowy Ana, Pepper did a gweat job on mewr dress, mew look so luffly in it!
Ana: Oh thank mew!

Chyna Ming
Chyna: Mingy, I wuv mew!
Ming: I wuv mew to Chy!

Milo and Skye
Milo: This is our furrst time going anywhere togefur!
Skye: And it is such a Luffurly "furrst date"!

Ping: Hey Tigger, mew look that way, I'll look this way!
Tigger: Fur what?
Ping: Purrty gurls, silly!

Lily: How are mew Sami?
Sami: I'm just fine and mew look as luffurly as efurr!

King and Princess
King: Wow Princess, you look, well, Wow!
Princess: Aww thank you King, you are such a sweety.

Spud Fox Ned

Ned: Meows Fox and Spud! Wheres Scully?
Fox: She's wif Midnight H
Spud: Wheres Alex???
Ned: He's wif his wink-wink Polly

Alex & Polly
Alex: Wow, I see alot of my furriends here.
Polly: So do I... I'm sooo glad mew brought me Alex!

Tucker Shibui
Tucker: Mew look so luffly in mewr dress my sweet Shibui.
Shibui: Oh thank mew Tucker. Mew are such a sweety.

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